Hi, I'm Harry

My mission is to enable the Next Generation of Cyber Warriors with the skills, strategies and tools to unlock the power of your cyber resilience in the cloud.

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My background

Like many, my journey started in traditional IT. Then in 2009, I was introduced to the wonderful world of cloud and never looked back.

Cyber security, GRC and cyber resilience has played an integral role in both my career and my life. It's not just a job for me - its a passion. I am fascinated by the role they play in enabling organisations to create business value.

But my cyber career has been an unconventional one. I am not degree educated, I do not have a long list of badges. I'm not a Doctor or self-professed guru.

What I am is a technologist and security leader with 20+ years experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world - helping them empower their people to embrace technology, that helps built a more secure future.

Discover the story behind GRCMANA...

[GRC-mana] brings together two of my passions - GRC and Polynesian culture.

Let me explain.

During my time in New Zealand, I fell in love with Maori and Polynesian culture. I learned that Mana is the foundation of Polynesian theology.

It is this supernatural force that implies that you have the ability to perform in a given situation.

This concept not only resonated personally - but professionally as well.

When I reflected on my journey as a technologist and as a security leader, I realised that Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) has  tremendous power.

The power to protect your people.

The power to protect your business.

The power to protect communities - and society as a whole.

It is the ability to perform in a given situation, regardless of any unintended events that may arise.

That is why I created GRCMana.

It is my way of sharing my 20+ years of learning, knowledge, successes and mistakes.

It is my way of enabling the Next Generation of Warriors with the skills, strategies and tools you need to unlock the power of your cyber resilience in the cloud.‍

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The values that drive everything I do



Remove complexity and provide easy access to the things you need to know.



Go that extra mile to give you the tools and strategies you need to put knowledge into action.



Solve complex problems with pragmatic solutions that deliver the right outcome in a sustainable and cost effective way.


Cloud first

Build on industry best practice to help you create modern, cloud-first frameworks that help unlock your cyber resilience.