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Hi, I'm Harry and Welcome to GRCMANA

Over the course of nearly two decades, I have helped technologists, security professionals and business leaders from all walks of life accelerate their GRC journey.

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Here's what I've learnt...

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More haste...
less speed

Organisations rush to the cloud before establishing strong foundations, introducing risk and technical debt.

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Same thing...
different name

Having moved to the cloud, organisations have not adapted their operating model or their ways of working.

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New world...
new risks

Organisations struggle to identify and quantify the new risks that come with operating in a cloud-first world.

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New world...
old frameworks

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) frameworks have not adapted to support the cloud journey.

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Bolt on...
not built in

Security continues to be an after-thought, a bolt on to cloud services as opposed to being built in.

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not responding

Organisations react to threats and vulnerabilities as opposed to responding in a controlled and managed way.

Sound familiar? Here's three ways I can help you....

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The Academy

Self-paced courses designed to arm you with the skills, strategies and tools you need to accelerate your GRC journey.

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The Newsletter

Each week, you will get more tips, strategies and links to valuable resources that will help you accelerate your GRC journey.

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The Community

Join the #1 Cyber Resilience Community on LinkedIn and connect with 16K+ other members on a similar journey to you.

Discover the mission and story behind our company

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What makes GRCMANA stand out from the rest?

#1 - Simple

Remove complexity and give you easy access to the things you need-to-know.

#2 - Actionable

Go that extra mile to give you actionable insights that enable you to put knowledge into practice.

#3 - Pragmatic

Solve complex problems with pragmatic solutions that deliver the right outcome in a sustainable and cost effective way.

#4 - Cloud first

Build on industry best practice to help you create modern, cloud-first GRC frameworks that help drive success.

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